You Dirty Dog!‚Äč

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All Breeds Welcome!!

Self Service Dog Wash - $25

*Includes: Tub, Towel, Brushes, Blow Dryer, & Ear Cleaner.

Bring your own shampoo and save $5!

Fluff & Buff - Starting at $50

This service includes a brush out and a nail trim before getting in the bath where each pet is shampooed twice to ensure they are squeaky clean. 

Then we will clean their ears and express their anal glands. Finally we dry them and send them home!

Spaw Treatment - Starting at $55

Pamper your pet with a day at the spa! 

We begin each appointment with a brush out and a nail clip. Followed by a relaxing bath, where we clean their ears and express their anal glands. 

Once they are completely dried, your pet will get cut and styled to your request!

A La Carte - $15

Nail Clip, Teeth Brushing, Ear Cleaning, Anal Gland Expression

Mix & Match any two for $25

Cat Services

Nail Trim - $15

Fluff & Buff - starting at $65

Spaw Treatment - starting at $75

*Prices subject to change due to matting, behavior, style of cut, or amount of fur*

No Show Policy: If you can not make it to your scheduled appointment, we ask that you please let us know ahead of time. Failure to do so may result in a small fee!

All tubs, tools, and towels are sanitized after each bath!