You Dirty Dog

Dog & Cat Grooming - Self Service Pet Wash & Nail Clips

You Dirty Dog is open for business.  More days, longer hours.  New clients, all breeds welcome. Self-Service washes open by appointment only. Please call or text for an appointment or with any questions.  We will accommodate any specific needs.  Please stay safe and healthy.  

Welcome to 


Family Owned & Operated!

We offer all of your pet grooming needs to help keep your pets healthy and 


We specialize in anxious, nervous, and nippy dogs. We understand that many have

 had bad prior grooming experiences. We are here to make this the best day possible 

for your pet.  

We also offer transport services - pick up and/or drop off at your home.

Need someone to watch your pets while you're gone? We do in your home, overnight pet-sitting. We

 realize that most people prefer their pets to be comfortable, at home, in their own environment. And it's 

not a stranger, they are already familiar with us.   

Main numbers:



Jen's cell after hours or emergency:


Dog and Cat Grooming - By Appointment

(However, we can often accommodate same day) 

Drop your dog or cat off for a day of beauty and leave the work to us! We do full service grooming for all breeds. Full service 

includes fur cut and/or shaved, washing and drying, ear cleaning, nail clipping and anal glands expressed. 

Tooth brushing done by request. All tubs and tools are sanitized between uses.

Full Service Drop off Dog Bathing - By Appointment 

(However, we can often accommodate same day)

All the same care of our dog grooming but without the haircut! You can drop off your dog and have us do all the bathing and 

drying, nail clipping, and ear cleaning. All tubs and tools are sanitized between uses.

Self Service Dog Wash - By Appointment

Why make a mess in your tub at home, twisting your back, when you can come here and leave the mess behind? Take advantage of our self-service dog wash and leave the cleanup to us. You can bring your own shampoo and conditioner or, we also have some for purchase. With the tub comes towels, blow dryer, brushes, nail clippers, and ear cleaner. All tubs and tools are sanitized between uses.


All dog, cat, and small animal breeds welcome. No appointment necessary, just come by anytime we're open. 

We have experience in overgrown and under managed nails.

We can accommodate older pets, weak legs, and arthritic bones!

We want every visit to be as comfortable and enjoyable as possible!

Riley is more comfortable being groomed on the floor, so that's where we groom him.

We can also often accommodate appointments on days/times we're not usually open. Please feel free to ask. 

EMERGENCY SERVICES: If your dog gets skunked or is need of immediate care 

beyond regular hours we can often accommodate for a small fee, just call Jen's personal number at